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Rainbow Bridge
Parenting Time Center

Intake Packet and Procedure


Rainbow Bridge Parenting Time Center
715 11th Street North, Suite 104, Moorhead, MN 56560
(218)512-1555 or (800)452-3646 ext 1555
Fax (844)215-7287

Rainbow Bridge is a program of Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.,
a 501c3 nonprofit corporation


Setting Up Services:
To begin using services, individuals should contact the Rainbow Bridge office in order to schedule an intake appointment. Intakes are done between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. All parties must complete an intake in person before services can be implemented. Rainbow Bridge cannot force a person to agree to services.

Court Orders:
Rainbow Bridge does not require a court order for use of services, but does require a copy if one is in place. Rainbow Bridge has no legal jurisdiction; we will use the court order as a guide but are under no obligation to follow what is listed. Rainbow Bridge does not have the authority to enforce court orders; therefore, if a consensus cannot be reached between both parties regarding scheduling, no activity will be scheduled.