SENIOR LinkAge Line

Help is closer than you think!

To Get Connected to Services Outside of Minnesota:


Senior LinkAge Line® is a free telephone information and assistance service which makes it easy for older adults and their families to find community services.  With a single call, you can find particular services near you or get help evaluating your situation to determine what kind of service might be helpful.

Information and Assistance Specialists direct you to the people in your area who provide the services in which you’re interested.  If you like, they will follow up to make sure you find the services or resources that will meet your needs.

Don’t know what to ask?  We can help.

Sometimes it’s hard to sort through a situation.  Our attentive Information and Assistance Specialists can help you assess your situation and introduce you to the resources available in our own community.  So you can look at the different options in front of YOU, and make the best choice.

Whether you’re a senior, or someone who cares for a senior, Senior LinkAge Line® can get you in touch with services that will make your life easier, so that the days are more manageable and enjoyable.  Sometimes just knowing about the services available can set your mind at ease.

Many other services are available - just ask and the Information and Assistance Specialists will be happy to find the assistance you need and the organization near you that provides it.  Calls to the Senior LinkAge® are absolutely free of charge, although there may be a charge for services you are referred to.

So don’t wait to call.

The Senior LinkAge Line® is answered from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and messages can be left after hours, 24 hours a day.

CALL: 1-800-333-2433

* TDD/TTY users call the Minnesota Relay Service at 1-800-627-3529 or by dialing 711, or 1-877-627-3848 (Speech-to-Speech relay service)

Senior LinkAge Line® can make your life easier.

“The people who answer the phones are so kind and helpful.  They helped me find a new place to live and transportation to get around.”

“It helped me find the services we needed quickly.  Now that my mom has a little help around the house I feel more comfortable with her living alone.”

“They told me about a senior center right near me.  It’s given me a place to go and I’ve made lots of new friends there.”

“We were worried that my dad wasn’t eating very well.  Now his lunches are delivered by a service that’s right in the area and I know he’s getting a good meal.”

“I wish I had called earlier.  With a little help, my wife and I have fewer worries.”

“They always know who to call to find out answers to my questions.”

Senior LinkAge Line® is a service of the Minnesota Board on Aging and Minnesota Area Agencies on Aging. Senior LinkAge Line® is registered to and a trademark of the Minnesota Board on Aging.