Lakes and Prairies Head Start

School Readiness Goals

Lakes and Prairies Head Start’s philosophy is to provide comprehensive and accountable programming for children and families, through individualized teaching strategies, parent engagement, and collaboration. School Readiness goals were written for 3-5 year olds including children with disabilities and children that are dual language learners. Clay-Wilkin has aligned the Head Start Outcomes Framework, the Minnesota Early Learning Standards and the Classroom Observation Record (COR) to establish the following goals:

Language & Literacy
     *   Children will begin to identify letters
Expressive Language:
     *   Children will use increasingly complex and varied vocabulary
Receptive Language:
     *   Children will listen to and understand spoken language
     *   Children will begin to demonstrate English language abilities

Social & Emotional Development
     *   Children will demonstrate positive social relationship with peers and adults
     *   Children will begin to express and regulate emotions

Approaches to Learning
     *   Children will initiate & extend activities with persistence
     *   Children will demonstrate an interest in creative play, art and music activities

Physical Health
     *   Children will begin to demonstrate independent self care
     *   Children will coordinate movement to perform simple tasks

Cognition and General Knowledge
     *   Children will begin to experience and use math through counting, sorting, and patterning
     *   Children will understand spatial/directional words and their meaning
     *   Children will engage in exploring their environment through observations and predictions

Parent Engagement Goals
     *   Parents will gain knowledge of how to support their child’s well-being as they prepare for
     *   Parents will engage in observing, guiding and planning for their child’s school readiness
     *   Parents will grow in their understanding of child development by engaging with teachers
         in conversations about child assessment data


Head Start is a program of Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.,
a 501c3 nonprofit corporation


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