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What is Head Start?

Head Start is a sate and federally funded program for expectant mothers and children 0-5. The program offers comprehensive services to enrolled children and families, giving priority to limited income families and children with special needs. Head Start programs offer a nurturing environment that supports the healthy growth and development of each child in the context of family, culture and community.

Head Start Guiding Principles

Head start is a safe place, emotionally, socially and physically for all children, families, and staff. Respect, trust , and good listening skills will be practiced in every relationship.

Children, families, and staff are always treated in an equitable manner.  No one will be judged and everyone will be supported in their quest to be successful.

At Head Start, everyone belongs.  All children, families, and staff are welcome and we respect each other by calling each other by name.

At Head Start, staff count on each other, and children and families rely on us.  We must remember to “DWWSWWD” (Do What We Say We Will Do).

At Head Start, we are solution focused.  We assume the best of ourselves and others.

At Head Start, we stay positive and remember to keep our sense of humor during times of stress.

We never forget that our mission is to be the best we can be for the children and families at HEAD START.


Head Start is a program of Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.,
a 501c3 nonprofit corporation


Lakes & Prairies Head Start
715 11th Street, North - Suite 104, Moorhead, MN  56560
218-512-1530 or 1-800-452-3646
Fax 888-920-6193