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Future WorkCamp projects will be listed here. None are scheduled at this time.


What homeowners say:


Why does Lakes & Prairies co-sponsor this project?
The Group Cares foundation contacted Lakes & Prairies Community Action because they wanted the opportunity to bring this service to our region in Minnesota. It fits our mission and provides an opportunity to partner with other community agencies and organizations. Lakes & Prairies has co-sponsored four Group Workcamp projects since 2007 and provided valuable home repair and support services to seniors, persons with disabilities and persons in financial difficulties. This page will help inform the community of future projects. No dates for a next project have yet been determined.

Why do we need this service?
The area of Minnesota has many households on low or fixed incomes that may not quality to receive services from any other source. Many are not physically or financially able to make needed repairs to their homes.

Who will be eligible for this service?
Eligible households will be chosen from applicants who live within 30 miles driving distance of the chosen location. The criteria will be based on client need, and the amount of work, level of work to be done on the home, and the skills of the campers. Both town and rural residents will be eligible.

What is required of the resident?
The resident must commit to having someone at the home during teh time that the workers are there. They must have a bathroom, electricity for tools, and drinking water accessible. Both labor and materials will be free to qualifying households.

Where do the campers come from?
The campers are part of a church youth groups from across the United States. They raise funds and on average are required to pay $424 each to attend the camp. There is one adult leader for every five to six campers.

Where will the campers be staying?
Once the host city has been determined, the location the campers will be staying at for the week of the Group will be decided upon. They provide their own transportation to the work sties and are supervised by the adult leaders and Group Cares Staff.

How is the work funded?
A portion of the money for materials comes from the camper fees. Lakes & Prairies Community Action, as a co-sponsor, will organize fundraising efforts. The goal is to raise a minimum of $35,000. More dollars raised will allow more households to be served.

What kinds of work will be done?
Most jobs that will be done will require only basic building skills such as painting, caulking, weather-stripping and simple carpentry. More complex jobs, such as wheelchair ramps will be assigned to campers and leaders with more skills and experience. The jobs need to be ones that can feasibly be completed by a crew of six during the camp week.

What is needed?


  • To pick up and deliver materials to sites
  • To volunteer on various committees
  • To help in the office
  • To help in the kitchen
  • To act as guides


  • Nursing skills; first aid; CPR
  • Provide afternoon snacks when crews return from worksites
  • Draw maps to sites
  • Carpentry skills to oversee crews
  • Write work orders; write material lists
  • For troubleshooting


  • To assist fundraising efforts
  • To donate cash
  • To donate materials (paint, nails, lumber, scaffolding, tools, etc.)*
  • To donate tools


  • Loan ladders, hammers, saws, levels, paintbrushes, paint scrapers, etc. to supplement those provided by the Group Cares Camp
  • All loaned tools should be clearly marked with the owner’s name and telephone number.

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