Who is eligible for SNAP?  You might be.

The SNAP program is a county-run, federal program that helps Minnesotans with low income get the food they need for sound nutrition and well balanced meals. In Minnesota, an estimated 65% of seniors and as many as 30% of individuals and families who are eligible for the program do not receive it. The biggest reason is that they did not know they were eligible.

“SNAP eligibility depends on your household’s income. Households must have income at or below 165 percent of the federal poverty guideline. As long as you receive the Domestic Violence Information Brochure, the asset limit (used to be $7,000) is waived.  There no longer is an asset test.  The brochure is available on this Web site or at your county office. Just tell your county worker that you have received the brochure. County human services agencies accept client applications, determine eligibility, and determine benefit levels in accordance with state and federal regulations. The SNAP program is available in all 87 Minnesota counties.

You may apply for Expedited SNAP Benefits which makes benefits available quickly to households unable to meet their food needs. If you are eligible, benefits will be issued within 24 hours of your interview. Expedited SNAP Benefits is available to the following types of households:

  • Those with less than $150 in monthly gross income and $100 or less in liquid assets.
  • Destitute migrant or seasonal farm worker units who have $100 or less in liquid assets.
  • Households where the combined monthly gross income and liquid assets are less than their actual monthly housing and utility costs (or the standard utility allowance if the unit is entitled to it).

You may receive expedited service in Minnesota if you meet the above requirements, even if you received Food Support in another state during the month of application.


Statewide HelpLine
Call Toll Free 1-888-711-1151


    You may be eligible if...

  • Do you and everyone who lives with you get Supplemental Security Income (SSI), General Assistance (GA), Minnesota Supplemental AID (MSA)?
  • Do you get either Transition Year Child Care or Basic Sliding Fee Child Care assistance?
  • Do you participate in the Diversionary Work Program (DWP) or Work Benefit (WB) Program?
  • If you don’t meet the above eligibility requirements, you may be eligible if:

  • You have received a copy of the Domestic Violence Brochure,
  • You are under age 60 and your income does not exceed the maximum gross income limit guidelines

Ways to apply:

  • County Social Services
  • Lakes & Prairies will provide application assistance if needed
  • Apply Online www.applymn.org