Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Can help you or someone you know eat right when money’s tight.

Putting Healthy Food within Reach
Hundreds of thousands of lower income Minnesotans receive SNAP benefits each month but even more are eligible.  SNAP helps Minnesotans with low incomes meet their nutritional needs.  Children cannot learn as well, adults cannot work as productively, seniors cannot maintain their independence as well without proper nutrition.

SNAP is the basic resource for maintaining proper nutrition for people with low incomes; it is a true safety net.  As of June 2010, about 420,000 Minnesotans received Food Support benefits.  Statistics in Minnesota for 2009 show: The average benefit per household, per month is $198, and the average benefit per household, per month for those 60 and older is $111.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services, which administers the Food Support program, wants everyone who is eligible for the program, particularly senior citizens, to participate and ensure they get the healthy meals they need.

Enrolling individuals in the food support program can help take some financial burden off their hands and bring them closer to financial self sufficiency as well as a healthier lifestyle.

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