Written Concern

 Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.,
is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and Equal Opportunity Employer


Addressing Concerns Involving Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership’s
Services, Policies and Facilities

A serious complaint is a formal expression of concern about any particular issue thought to be unjust, unfair or abusive. This procedure is the method of addressing issues and/or concerns that cannot be resolved informally between staff, clients and/or community members.

Clients, Staff, Community Members

  1. Put in writing the details and reasons for your concern. Send or deliver the written details to the Director of Operations. A meeting with the Director of Operations will be held within five business days of receiving your written concern.
  2. If a mutually agreed upon resolutions is not met, the written concern will be sent immediately to the Lakes & Prairies Executive Director.  The Executive Director will schedule a meeting with you within ten business days.
  3. If a mutually agreed upon resolution is not met, the written concern will be sent to the Lakes & Prairies Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. A meeting with the Executive Committee will be scheduled with you within two weeks of receiving the written concern. This is the final level of the procedure.

If your concern remains unresolved you may have the right to file your concern with the appropriate State or Federal Agency. Your concern must be within the guidelines of that agency.


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